General Location Information

Your holiday location Ruhpolding is a jewel – one that shines between fields and forests.

Nestled into the meadows of the Miesenbach valley south of the Chiemsee, this town with 6,800 residents and 73 smaller communities stretches out over the gently rolling hills and wooded mountains of the Chiemgau Alps.

Ruhpolding has (art) history...

St George’s parish church, a piece of architecture that dominates the valley, can be seen from a distance – with its romantic 12th century Ruhpolding Madonna, it is one of the cultural highlights in the region, along with the decorated houses with their typical Upper Bavarian frescoes in the village centre which sees little traffic.

... and living tradition

In ‘Ruapading’, as it is known in Bavarian vernacular, our dialect is part of the great atmosphere. Traditional garb does not just collect dust in our wardrobes but rather is part of our everyday clothing. Festivals are always celebrated. Tourism has a long tradition here and our guests feel that. Hospitality is lived and experienced and people who return come as friends.

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