Bavarian Tradition – Found Here in Ruhpolding

Bavarian culture is part of daily life in Ruhpolding and one of the reasons why so many people choose us for their Bavaria holiday.

We in Ruhpolding, Germany live and foster our Bavarian traditions. They are part of our everyday life and characterise the ambience of our village. Bavarian culture can be found in our stylish traditional attire, fun festivals and the traditions we keep alive.

Guests who choose Ruhpolding as the destination for their Bavaria holiday appreciate Bavarian culture and its originality and down-to-earthness. And we gladly let them be a part of it. You will be a very welcome guest at our seasonal cultural events in Ruhpolding – whether you join us in setting up the May Pole in spring or observing the Corpus Christi procession after Whitsun; at the colourful ceremony celebrating the return of the cattle from the mountain pastures in late summer or the mystical winter traditions such as the ‘Raunacht’, or Twelfth Night celebration.

During your holiday in Bavaria, be sure to also discover our many museums full of interesting exhibits which will give you an insight into earlier life in Ruhpolding. Our Heritage Museum, for example, is home to a complete collection of alpine folk art.

A highlight of Bavarian tourism: Ruhpolding as it really is

Holidays in Bavaria always mean diving into the Bavarian way of life head-first. It is reflected not only in special occasions throughout the year, but also in everyday life: in the language, the typical cuisine and our ‘Tracht’, or traditional clothing. Weisswurst, pretzels and roast pork with dumplings stand for Bavaria just as much as Dirndl or Lederhosen do. In Ruhpolding, all of this is kept alive and genuine – because Bavarian tradition and culture are part of our identity.

By the way: a Bavaria holiday in Ruhpolding is not complete without a visit to a performance by the Ruhpolding theatre group – Bavarian lifestyle at its most entertaining!

We will be happy to give you more information about upcoming events for your holiday in Ruhpolding, Bavaria – all you have to do is ask!

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Rauhnacht Market

Each year at the end of December, the Kurpark is transformed into a mystic ‘Rauhnacht’ world in which local craftsmen and farmers present their products. Snack on fritters, bratwurst, bosna sausages and mulled wine. A well-coordinated programme brings old Twelfth Night traditions back to life and local groups provide musical entertainment at this winter market.

traditional clothing